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The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is connected to the rest of the country, Europe, and the world by road, rail, and air.

Arrival by car
Arrival by plane

The main connection of the Republic of Croatia with all European and world centers is the Franjo Tuđman Airport which is only 17 km away from the main city center. Passengers from the Airport can come to the center or any other part of Zagreb in several ways:

  • taxi service;
  • Rent-a-car (several available car rental companies available at the airport);
  • Bus transport by the public passenger transport service provider (ZET) – 19 km long bus line that passes through two tariff zones and stops at 20 bus stops, with departures scheduled every 35 minutes
Arrival by bus

If the bus is your choice, after arriving at Zagreb Bus Station you can head to the taxi stand in front of the station building, and one of the available taxi drivers will take you to your destination in just ten minutes.

Public transport is available near the bus station, at the tram stop you need to wait for tram 2, which will take you to the starting point of bus line 236, which will then take you to your destination (approximately in 30 minutes).

Similarly, if you arrive by train at the main train station, where you also have to wait for tram number 2 and then take bus 236 to your destination. In that case, the trip will be a bit longer, about 40 minutes. From the same place, it is possible to get to the destination by taxi, and you are at the destination in about 15 minutes.

Arrival by rail

The main station for a large number of trains in domestic and international transport is only a 10-minute walk away from the city center. Apart from longer distances, railway traffic is also great for a quick transition from one part of the city to another, which takes place in just a few minutes and at cheap prices.

Travel in Zagreb

Apart from the good connection of the capital of the Republic of Croatia with the rest of the country, Europe and the world, the city of Zagreb is also characterized by an excellent connection of the area within the city.

Zagrebački električni tramvaj (ZET), which is a provider of public transport services in Zagreb, allows travel by bus or tram. A total of 147 daily bus lines, on which modern low-floor buses with seats and standing places operate, connect the area within Zagreb, Velika Gorica and Zaprešić. Almost 120 km of tram tracks pass through the city area, on which there are 15-day tram lines and four-night tram lines.

The good connection of the city area allows citizens and tourists to reach most of the facilities in less than 30 minutes. In addition to regular transport services, ZET also offers special transport for people with disabilities.

About Borongaj Campus

Building 69 is the newest, modern building of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, which houses the Department of Road Transport and the Department of Traffic Accident Expertise. Inside this building, there is an amphitheater with about 150 seats and two halls (one equipped with computers for student work) that are used daily for teaching activities.

How to get to Borongaj Campus?

Arrival by car
Arrival by plane

If you arrive in Zagreb by airplane, you can reach the Borongaj campus by rented car or taxi, via Radnička cesta in just 15 minutes or Slavonska Avenue in 20 minutes. However, if you decide on public transport, bus lines 290 and 215 will take you to your destination in approximately 55 minutes.

Arrival by bus

Due to its great geographical position, the City of Zagreb is the main intersection of all important road routes in the Republic of Croatia. The hub of public transport is the Zagreb Bus Station, which connects Zagreb with all important European centers through numerous lines.

Zagreb Bus Station is located close to the main square and the Central Railway Station, which makes it practical for various tourist and business trips.

Borongaj campus
Lecture in Borongaj campus

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