2 September – 11 September

Road Safety Summer School 2024

10 Days of activities

30 Distinguished lecturers


100% Valuable knowledge

About the School

A comprehensive program with theoretical and practical work…


The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb has long been devoted to providing students with a stimulating environment. We encourage them to become active and independent researchers and develop critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. One of our aims is to train individuals who have a passion for lifelong learning and want to achieve personal and professional growth.


And that’s why we created the Road Safety Summer School. The main goal of the school is to provide expert training related to advanced concepts and elements of road safety. We increase the knowledge and qualifications of all participants.


During the course of ten days, world-renowned experts from the field will introduce participants to the state-of-the-art findings related to the main factors of road safety: the human factor, the road and its environment, and the vehicle factor. 

Practical part

The practical part of the summer school will introduce participants to the basics of traffic accident analysis based on the actual data obtained from a crash test. A field road safety inspection will follow this.

Zagreb streets
Samoborsko gorje
Samoborsko gorje
Veliki tabor
Veliki Tabor

…in beautiful and sunny Croatia

The summer school lasts 10 days, from 02/09 to 11/09/2024, during which the participants will attend theoretical lectures and do practical work. The total duration of the program is 61 hours (1 hour = 60 min). Master’s and Ph.D. students will receive 2 ECTS credits after completing all the planned activities.

Participants will receive a certificate of successful completion. The certificate contains the name of the participant, dates of the summer school, number of lecture hours, the ECTS credits awarded, and the signature of the Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb.

And the best of it all – the program takes place in wonderful Croatia. There will be a lot of excursions and extracurricular activities for you to enjoy. Apply for the program, improve your knowledge, meet new colleagues from all around the globe, and enjoy yourself.

Make the most out of your summer


Read what our participants say.

The things in the courses aren’t given in any other university or profession. They are given by experts that come here from experience.Alain El Ghossein

The thing that I loved the most about the Road Safety Summer School is that students are from everywhere, all around the world.Farah Kobeissy

We learned a lof ot new things that we can incorporate in our countries, it was a great experience.Nikola Ćopić

They have put together a very complete summer school with a lot of new things and technologies, theory, practical exercises. It’s very complete, I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about this.Alejandro Nunez Caballero

It was better than I even expected. I didn’t know these lectures would be so interesting and the people are here are really really amazing and i had a really good time here.Mariusz Sobon

The best of all were the people here and I will miss these guys, and I appreciate the opportunity of beign part of this summer school.Ana Čudina Ivančev

We built a great network and I’m sure I’m going to articipate in more such events.Amit Pothina

I highly encourage every young person interested in road safety to apply to the Road Safety Summer School.Rim Bahmad

Early bird

(Until 01/07/2024)

Master studentsPh.D. studentsOthers


(From 01/07/2024)

Master studentsPh.D. studentsOthers

*Costs include meals and drinks during the lecturing days, all necessary learning materials and printouts of presentations, as well as all other extracurricular activities defined in the Program. Weekend excursions on Sunday 08/09/2024 are not covered by the participation fee and should be paid by each participant who wants to participate in them.

We also offer scholarships!

Scholarships can only be granted to master’s and Ph.D. students.

„The deadline to apply for a scholarship is 31/05/2024 (midnight).
Candidates will be informed about the results by 30/06/2024.“

Win a scholarship and become:








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